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  • Tools & Buildings - Link to information on varoius pyro tools, buildings, and magazines.
  • ATFE & Fireworks - Link to the ATF's website page on Fireworks.  Lots of good regulatory info 
This document was from a presentation done at our May 2013 shoot by Steve Hubing and Brian Klapper.  The document provides basic information about Flash Powder and some guidelines for its handling.  Flash Powder is a sensitive explosive and should not be made by untrained individuals.  Additionally, those making Flash Powder should be properly licensed and have available magazine storage.

This video shows what happens when an 8 inch shell ignites while you are standing next to it.

  • The Art of Making Lance Tubes (Link will open a PDF file in a separate window )
  • This presentation was prepared by Doc Furgeson with credits to Steve Hubing and shows how to roll lance tubes.

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